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Waterproof Rubber Boots Wholesale

For wholesale footwear, safety equipment and work gloves, United Glove is an established and experienced manufacturer and distributor of affordable top quality products.

100% waterproof, rubber boots are ideal for outdoors, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in wet, swamp, slushy and muddy conditions. Great for commercial landscaping, fishing, meat, dairy and food processing, as well as, general industrial safety, our boots may be purchased with great features like steel safety toes, cushion insoles and bar-tread and cleat-tread outsoles.

Featuring a variety of wholesale boots and hip waders, you may choose from these durable and attractive fabric-lined styles of rubber work boots or injection molded PVC boots.

Also visit our complete selection of industrial wholesale PVC and plastic rainwear.

Waterproof Safety Toe Rubber Boots

These 16-inch over the sock men's rubber boots feature a plain toe with a reinforced cap and a steel shank to keep your feet safe and dry.  The lighter weight helps prevent fatigue, and the bar-tread outsole helps to prevent slipping accidents. A fabric lining adds comfort and helps the boot slide on and off.

16 inch, fabric lined, plain toe, steel shank, reinforced toe cap, bar-tread outsole, over the sock

Wholesale Black Waterproof Boots. Sizes: 5-15


Waterproof Steel Toe Rubber Boots

For more toe protection from heavy objects, these 16-inch over the sock men's rubber boots feature a steel toe and a steel shank to keep your feet extra safe and dry.  The treaded rubber sole provides excellent shock absorption and traction on slippery surfaces, as well as, rocky terrain.

16 Inch, fabric lined, steel safety toe, steel shank, bar tread outsole, over the sock

Wholesale Black Steel Toe Boots. Sizes: 5-15


Over the Shoe Rubber Work Boots

These stylish rubber work boots fit right over your shoe for immediate 100% waterproof protection. Featuring five adjustable and rust resistant buckles for just the right fit. The treaded sole adds comfort by absorbing shock on rough terrain and helps prevent slipping on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

5-buckle, fabric lined, bar-tread outsole, over the shoe

Wholesale Black Rubber Work Boots. Sizes: 6-15


Rubber Sole Hip Wading Boots

Excellent for commercial fishing and farming, these rubber sole wading boots will also protect your feet and legs from grease, oil, muck, and environmental elements. A steel safety toe, steel shank, and reinforced knee and front give you even more protection. The bar-tread rubber sole and cushion insole ensures comfort in rough and rocky terrain. These waterproof hip waders also feature a belt loop strap and buckle adjustment for a comfortable fit.

Steel safety toe, fabric lined, cushion insole, belt loop strap, buckle adjustment, reinforced knee & front, steel shank, bar-tread outsole, over the sock

Wholesale Rubber Sole Wading Boots. Sizes: 6-16


Over the Shoe Yellow Slush Boots

Our 17 inch yellow slush boots fit right over your shoe to keep your feet and shoes dry and warm.  The yellow rubber boot's sole is bar-tread and excellent in snow and slush. A top strap and buckle will ensure a snug fit and help keep the elements out.

17 Inch, fabric lined, top strap and buckle, bar-tread outsole, over the shoe

Wholesale Yellow slush boots. Sizes: 7-16


Black PVC Injection Molded Boots

Our heavy 16 inch PVC boots are built for durability and are one-piece injection molded. Featuring a treaded sole with bar cleats, the PVC boot is available with a plain toe or a steel safety toe.

16 inch, One piece injection molded, Black high molecular PVC compound, Bar-tread outsole, Bar cleat outsole

Wholesale Plain Toe Black PVC Boots. Sizes: 6-13
Wholesale Steel Safety Toe Black PVC Boots. Sizes: 6-13
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