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Buy Kevlar® Gloves

Buy lightweight Kevlar gloves by the dozen at United Glove. When you are looking for the strength of cut resistant and heat resistant Dupont Kevlar fiber, United Glove offers a wide variety of gloves and sleeves ideal for any application available wholesale at discount prices.

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, Kevlar gloves and sleeves provide round-the-clock protection for your hands. Being heat and cut resistant, its durability safely guards your hands from harmful splinters, rocks, heat, cuts, flames, sparks and abrasions which could injure you or your employees.

United Glove offers machine-washable Kevlar gloves in a selection of sizes and blends. Available in 100% Kevlar or cotton, nylon, terry cloth or canvas blends, these gloves provide extreme protection when working with hot, sharp or heavy intrusive objects. Also manufactured with blue PVC dots for extra gripping power.

We are dedicated to manufacturing our gloves with the highest quality and durability at a price you can afford. When safety is important in a light weight glove, there is no choice but to buy Kevlar gloves.

String Knit Seamless Kevlar®

Extra-Fine Kevlar® Knit
Extra-Fine Kevlar® Knit with blue dots

Industrial Weight Kevlar® Knit
Kevlar® / Cotton Blend Industrial Weight Knit
Kevlar® / Nylon Blend Industrial Weight Knit
Extra-Fine Kevlar® Knit with blue dots

Fingerless Industrial Weight Kevlar® Knit

Terry Cloth Kevlar® Gloves:  Machine Knit Seamless, Fully Reversible

100 % Kevlar®, 24 oz. machine-knit terry, loop out, with knit wrist.

Kevlar® / Cotton Blend, Brown and Yellow 24 oz. machine-knit terry, loop out, with knit wrist.

Loop-In Kevlar® / Cotton blend terry


Kevlar® Sleeves - Made to Order - Any Length

9 inch Kevlar® Sleeve with thumb hole
18 inch Kevlar® Sleeve with thumb hole

All Kevlar® Sleeves made with or without thumb holes.

Cut and Sewn Kevlar®

Kevlar® Canvas with knit wrist

Kevlar® Hot Mill, green flame retardant back and bandtop

Kevlar® Hot Mill, Kevlar back, flame retardant bandtop

All double Kevlar® Hot Mill, cotton lining, guantlet cuff
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