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Cotton Canvas Work Gloves

United Glove offers a full selection of wholesale cotton canvas gloves which are renowned for their durability, flexibility and affordability. Canvas work gloves come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. They are ideal for a wide range of applications including oil rigging, oil refineries, offshore and oil well drilling, gardening and yard work, steel mill and general industrial work, maintenance, agricultural, lifting, material handling, and construction.

The classic clute pattern is a staple in households across America. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right glove for the job. There are several types of thumbs offered: straight, wing, supported and unsupported. Smaller jobs, such as raking leaves or mowing a lawn allow for the simple design of the unsupported straight thumb. The cotton canvas work glove is cool and comfortable and works well for many lifting and handling situations. These cotton canvas gloves also fold up neatly for easy storage.

For the heavier jobs, the supported wing thumb is best. The wing thumb gets its name from its placement and appearance. The thumb is on the side of the canvas work glove, and sticks out a bit, giving a natural gripping stance to your hand. The supported thumb feature offers moderate protection and support for your grip. This helps to save on wear and tear between your thumb and forefinger.

Glove materials and cuffs:

While all of our gloves in the cotton canvas glove line are made from a canvas base, there are subtle distinctions that can make a world of difference in diverse jobs. The type of cuff you choose can either keep out the cold, hold in the heat, or protect from barbs and cinders.

The gauntlet style cuffs work well to protect your wrists from flying sparks and debris. These types of cuffs are often seen on steel mill workers hands or in forges. The other cuff type is the knit wrist cuff. This cuff fits snugly to the wrist, keeping out unwanted dirt. In a dusty environment, such as a tool shed or the garden, the knit wrist feels right at home.

Sometimes you need to get a better grip on the situation, which is where PVC (polymer of vinyl chloride) dots come in. These tiny rubberish dots ad significant amount of pull to your grip. The extra pull aids in any job, big or small.

In Review:

The cotton canvas glove is truly a versatile and tactile. It’s at home in the most unpretentious of places, and keeps hands safe in some of the most difficult. With a wide array of styles, textures and applications from household chores to oil well drilling and glass manufacturing, canvas gloves make their homes in many households, tool sheds and factories across the globe.

Pick out your pair of canvas gloves today, and protect yourself, employees, family, and contractors. Anyone, who cares to put the durability and gentleness of cotton canvas gloves to work, will find the ideal glove at United Glove.

Cotton Canvas Gloves with Band Top

clute pattern, straight thumb, band top

8 oz. Cotton Canvas


Cotton Canvas Gloves with black PVC stripes

clute pattern, wing thumb, knit wrist

10 oz. Cotton Canvas with black PVC stripes on palm, index & thumb


Cotton Canvas Gloves with black PVC dots

clute pattern, straight thumb, knit wrist
Black PVC dots on palm, index finger & thumb

8 oz. Cotton canvas, Men's & Ladies
8 Oz. Cotton Canvas, Wing Thumb, Men's
Regular Cotton Canvas, Men's
10 oz. Cotton canvas, Men's


Cotton Canvas Gloves with orange PVC dots

clute pattern, straight thumb, matching knit wrist
Orange PVC dots on palm, index finger & thumb

10 oz. Cotton canvas
Premium Grade Cotton Canvas


Standard Cotton Canvas Gloves

clute pattern, straight thumb, knit wrist

8 oz. Cotton Canvas, Men's & Ladies
Regular Cotton Canvas, Men's & Ladies
Economy Cotton Canvas, Men's
8 Oz. Cotton Canvas, Blue Knit Wrist, Men's & Ladies
8 Oz. Cotton Canvas, Wing Thumb, Men's & Ladies
8 Oz. Cotton Canvas, Reversible, Men's & Ladies
8 Oz. Cotton Canvas, Ramie Blend, Men's


Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Gloves

clute pattern, straight thumb, knit wrist

12 oz. Heavy duty cotton canvas
10 oz. Cotton canvas
10 oz. Heavy Duty Corduroy Cotton Gloves


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