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Wholesale Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves make an excellent general purpose glove due to their lightweight and comfort. United Glove manufactures and distributes a full line of cotton gloves including canvas, jersey, double palms, hot mills, chores, PVC dotted, string knit, terry cloth, canton flannel and inspectors white cotton gloves.

Featuring a variety of weights for maximum flexibility and supporting many different work glove applications and user preferences, United Glove manufactures machine knit terry cloth and string knit gloves to your specifications, including promotional printing and tagging.

Standard & Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Gloves

Custom manufacturer of durable canvas cotton gloves available in 8-oz, 10-oz, and 12-oz weights for maximum dexterity in a wide range of applications. These general purpose work gloves are comfortable and economical, while providing reliable abrasion protection.

Constructed in the clute pattern, they are available with PVC dots, or PVC stripes for extra gripping power, a straight or wing thumb, and/or a knit wrist for more protection and a snug fit.

Cotton Canvas with Black PVC Stripes, Wing Thumb, Knit Wrist
(shown above)


Natural, Hunting, &  Brown Jersey Gloves

Cotton Jersey gloves offer a economical, yet durable all-purpose glove that is cool and comfortable. United Glove manufactures this line of gloves in a wide range of styles and features.

Choose from lightweight, heavyweight, natural, brown, hunting/camouflage, with PVC mini dots, red fleece lined, and reversible options. Excellent for hunting, fishing, masonry work, cleaning, gardening and landscaping and other light duty applications. 

Men's Cotton Jersey Glove, Green Camouflage, Knit Wrist
(shown above)


Hot Mill Heat Resistant Cotton Canvas Gloves

Hot Mill Gloves are manufactured from nap-out cotton canvas and offer additional protection from hot working environments. Available in a variety of sizes, weights and styles, options include a straight or winged thumb, knuckles strap, burlap lining and a banded cuff.

Green Hot Mill heat Resistant Cotton Glove
(shown above)


Golden & Green Fleece Chore Gloves

Our top quality chore gloves are manufactured with two-layer fleece quilted palms and back or with a canvas back.  These gloves offer additional protection and warmth and are ideal for multiple purposes, such as, carpentry, farming and roofing. Manufactured in the clute style for a comfortable, roomy fit without a seam on the palm side of the glove.  Available with knit wrist, band top or gauntlet cuff and in regular, jumbo, and double jumbo sizes.

Golden Chore with Canvas Back & Band Top
(shown above)


Terry Cloth Cotton Gloves

Custom manufacturer of terry-cloth and string-knit gloves, United Glove offers an extensive selection of materials, styles, cuffs, and sizes of terry cloth gloves and sleeves.  In addition, United Glove will manufacture gloves to your exact specifications. 

Choose from cut & sewn and seamless, reversible patterns, knit wrists or gauntlet cuffs, and regular, heavyweight and super heavyweight for virtually any application.  United Glove even offers a flame-retardant terry cloth glove.

Grey Blend Loop Out Terry-Cloth Cotton Glove, Knit Wrist 
Available in 24, 28, & 30-oz equivalent (shown above)


Cotton Lisle, Inspectors & Formal White Dress Gloves

A full line of white gloves manufactured in cotton, lisle, stretch nylon, polyester blend and tricot nylon. Whether you are looking for lint-free inspectors or men's formal white dress gloves, United Glove offers them in bulk.  Light, medium and heavy weight options are reversible hemmed or unhemmed.

Reversible stretch nylon inspectors, Color coded hemmed edges
(shown above)


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