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Wholesale Disposable Gloves & Clothing

United glove offers a full line of protective clothing including disposable gloves, anti-skid shoe covers, coveralls, disposable lab coats, polyethylene aprons, bouffant caps, & beard covers. Ideal in a variety of applications, disposable garments are cloth-like and breathable for comfort, yet durable to resist dust, grime, splashes, and abrasion. A good line of defense is very important when working with all materials. Be sure to prepare yourself for the environment you’re working in before you begin your task.

Polypropylene Spun Bond Fabric

Our disposable coveralls, anti-skid booties, lab coats, bouffant caps and beard covers are all manufactured using spunbonded polypropylene fabric. The use of this fiber and polymer blend composition improves bonding performance and strength, creating an ideal protective garment for non-hazardous dirty work situations at a low cost.

Popular in medical, food processing, manufacturing, and construction, protective disposable clothing is cool and breathable, as well as, splash resistant and is perfect for applications where contact with dirt, grime, and non-hazardous substances are frequent.  Furthermore, the use of disposable gloves and clothing protects the work environment from contamination from employee handling.

Wholesale Disposable Coveralls

Spun-bond polypropylene coveralls offer cool, breathable and comfortable protection from dirt and splashes. For protection head to toe, a white coverall is your best bet and is available in a 2 oz. and 1.25 oz. weight. The zippered front white coverall comes in two styles:

The first leaves your head, hands and feet free to maneuver. Elastic bands fit the ends snugly around your wrists and ankles.

The second style leaves your hands and face free, but that’s it. The Polypropylene spun material starts at your feet in the form of little booties. It continues up your legs and around your midsection and arms, where it ends in elastic bands on your wrists. The top is sealed off with a hood, leaving only your face visible.

Disposable coveralls are excellent for painting, food processing, chemical, construction and laboratory work environments.

white coverall. Polypropylene spun bond, elastic wrists and ankles, collar, zipper, 25 pieces per case.

Weight: 1.25 oz., Sizes: Large - 3XLarge
Weight: 2.00 oz., Sizes: Large - 3XLarge


white coverall. Polypropylene spun bond, elastic wrist, zipper, attached hood & boots, 25 pieces per case.

Weight: 1.25 oz., Sizes: Large - 3XLarge
Weight: 2.00 oz., Sizes: Large - 3XLarge


Wholesale Disposable Lab Coats

Chemists, healthcare and medical professionals are at risk of hazardous chemicals, contaminants and bodily fluid splashes, therefore it is vital that they wear protective clothing. Because stained or worn lab coats can be considered an occupational hazard, the use of disposable lab coats are becoming increasingly popular. These breathable SMS laboratory coats or made of polypropylene and are comfortable and keep workers safe without overheating.

Polypropylene spun bond, 3 Pockets, Knit cuff & collar, 5-snap front closure, 25 Pieces per case


Wholesale Disposable Anti-Skid Shoe Covers

While it’s all well and good to cover the upper portion of your body with disposable coveralls or spun bond polypropylene lab coats, let’s not forget our shoes and feet. A spill ruining a pair of new shoes is one predicament; slippery surfaces is another all together.

The ideal solution is a pair of Polypropylene spun, anti-skid disposable shoe covers. If there is a spill, the fiber helps divert the liquid, and the anti-skid tread are essential in environments where splashes and slippery surfaces are common.  Economical, disposable non-slip booties are also sanitary and provide easy, quick clean-up.

polypropylene spun bond, non-skid, 100 pieces per dispenser.

blue shoe cover. Sizes: large - xLarge


Wholesale Disposable Bouffant Caps & Nylon Hairnets

Available in blue & white, disposable bouffant caps are an economical and sanitary investment to keep hair out of the face and eyes while keeping the work environment clean. This polypropylene spun bond cap's elastic band stretches for comfort and to accommodate varying amounts of hair.

Available in several circumferences: 19”, 21” and 24”, the caps themselves come in either blue or white coloring, for your styling pleasure. Ideal for food processing, product assembly and hygiene protection. Nylon hairnets are also available from United Glove.

polypropylene spun bond, 100 pieces per bag.

21" blue Bouffant Cap
24" blue Bouffant Cap
19" white Bouffant Cap
21" white Bouffant Cap
24" white Bouffant Cap


Wholesale Disposable Beard Covers

Our soft, breathable beard cover is designed to protect the work environment from human hair while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. For a full or partial beard, the white disposable beard guard makes protecting your beard from spills and splashes as easy as turning on a light switch while keeping the work environment clean. And the best part – the beard cover is disposable. After you’re done, just toss it in the trash. .

polypropylene spun bond, 100 pieces per bag

White Beard Cover


Wholesale Polyethylene Disposable Aprons

From everything from food preparation, veterinarian services, to arts and crafts, disposable polyethylene aprons are a popular and economical solution.  Water resistant to keep clothing dry and free from messy spills and splashes, these protective garments keep workers' clothing and/or uniforms professional and presentable. 

Furthermore, by using disposable aprons, you eliminate the need to store and launder cloth aprons, which become stained and worn. These disposable plastic aprons are also lightweight and reduce time to clean-up, simply toss it in the trash. 
In addition to disposable aprons, United Glove offers a variety of wholesale aprons, including denim, PVC and vinyl aprons.

1.25mil thickness, Embossed polyethylene, 28 inch x 46 inch, Individually packed, 100 Aprons/Box, 10 Boxes/Case


Wholesale Disposable Gloves

United Glove offers a full line of industrial and medical-grade wholesale disposable gloves. Whether you are looking for powdered or powder free latex medical exam gloves, vinyl or nitrile industrial grade gloves, or economical polyethylene gloves, you will find a full line of disposable gloves for every application from food service to healthcare.

For safety and worker comfort, we offer wholesale disposable gloves manufactured from a variety of materials for the right protection for any job.

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