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White Cotton Gloves & Lint Free Nylon Inspectors

United Glove offers a complete line of full fashion, inspection, and formal white gloves in a variety of styles, weights, materials, and sizes.  Women's and men's white cotton gloves are available in light, medium and heavy weights. Other materials include stretch nylon and cotton/polyester blend and all fabrics are washable and reusable. Choose from two-piece reversible, seamless knitted reversible, or full fashion with an in-set thumb.

This line of gloves are very comfortable with high dexterity and fingertip sensitivity and are used in a variety of white glove applications.  Excellent for preventing stains or fingerprints from moisture and oil from the hands, these gloves are used for product handling of delicate objects, electronics, photos, negatives, jewelry, crystal, and silver.

They are also used as liners to absorb perspiration with other gloves, as well as, a cleaning inspector's glove. And, finally, they provide a professional presentation for use in parades, formal dinners, flag bearers, funeral pallbearers, receiving lines, marching bands, dress uniforms, and entertainment. 

Light Weight White Cotton Lisle Inspectors

Cotton lisle refers to a smooth, tightly twisted thread from cotton and is used to make a durable, yet breathable, glove that absorbs perspiration and is very comfortable to wear. The two-piece reversible style is available in men's and ladies' sizes in 100% cotton lisle or a poly/cotton lisle blend.

Short White cotton Gloves, Reversible, unhemmed.

100% Cotton Lisle, Unhemmed, Sizes: Men's & Ladies
Cotton/Poly Blend, Unhemmed, Sizes: Men's & Ladies
100% Cotton Lisle, Self Hemmed, Sizes: Men's


The lightweight 100% cotton lisle glove is also available in a 14" men's white glove as shown below:

14" White Cotton Gloves, Reversible, Unhemmed

100% cotton lisle, Unhemmed, Sizes: Men's


Medium & Heavy Weight Cotton Lisle Inspectors

The medium and heavy weight white cotton gloves provide additional levels of protection, warmth, and increased durability. These gloves feature hemmed cuffs and available in men's and women's sizes. Not only is the two-piece style reversible, it allows for ambidextrous use.

White Cotton Gloves, Reversible, hemmed wrist

Medium Weight, 100% Cotton Lisle, Self Hemmed, Sizes: Men's & Ladies
Heavy Weight, 100% Cotton Lisle, Self Hemmed, Sizes: Men's & Ladies


Full Fashion Stretch Nylon White Gloves

100% lint free, the form-fitting stretch nylon is comfortable with excellent fingertip sensitivity.  Nylon gloves are ideal for static control and are frequently used in handling computer parts and electronics. They feature an inset thumb to provide additional wear, natural movement, and comfort. This lightweight glove fabric keeps the work environment and materials clean and free from lint, body oils, and fingerprints.


Full fashion stretch nylon inspectors. Color coded hemmed edges, in-set thumb.

Size: men's
size: ladies'


Formal White Dress Gloves

United Glove offers a variety of white formal gloves or uniform gloves manufactured from 100% cotton or lint-free stretch nylon.  The full fashion style features an inset thumb with train pipes on the back and are available with snaps.  You may also choose this dress glove with mini PVC dots on the palm and thumbs for an enhanced grip, ideal for honor guard maneuvers or formal serving applications.

Full Fashion Formal White Dress Gloves with Trains on back

100% Cotton Formal Gloves
100% Cotton Formal Gloves with Snaps
Stretch Nylon Formal Gloves
100% Cotton Formal Gloves with mini PVC dots on palm & Thumbs


Tricot Nylon White Gloves

The tricot nylon glove is a very comfortable and durable lint-free glove or liner. Manufactured in the two piece, reversible style, this glove features a color-coded hem and is available in Men's and Ladies' sizes.

Tricot Nylon Two Piece Reversible Inspectors. Color coded hemmed edges.

Sizes: Men's Medium, Large, X Large
Sizes: Ladies' Small, Medium, Large


Reversible Stretch Nylon White Gloves

United Glove also manufactures the lint-free, static control stretch nylon white glove in the two-piece reversible style for longer wear between washing.  This glove also features a color-coded hem and is available in men's and women's sizes.

Reversible stretch nylon inspectors. Color coded hemmed edges.

Size: Men's
Size: Ladies'


White Cotton-Poly String-Knit Gloves

The cotton-poly blend string knit inspectors glove are also washable and reversible to fit either hand.  These gloves are seamless and are manufactured with an elastic knit wrist for a snug fit. Available in regular and medium weights they are excellent for assembly applications and protect from dirt, oil and grease.

White String Knit Inspectors

Regular Weight String Knit White Gloves
medium Weight String Knit White Gloves


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