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Firm Grip Wholesale Garden Gloves

United Glove offers a full line of wholesale garden gloves manufactured in a variety of styles, patterns, colors, and materials. Many styles are also available with PVC dots on the palm, index & thumb for a high quality firm grip glove for your gardening needs.

Gunn vs. Clute Pattern

Gunn pattern is seamless on the back and manufactured with fully wrapped fingers and thumb with the seams further from the work area. The palm side is a separate glove pattern which is sewn to the palm at the base of the middle two fingers.  This cut allows flexibility with the seam at the natural crease of the fingers and no seam on the back provides greater comfort. The finger seams away from the work area makes the glove longer lasting and more durable.

Clute pattern or cut refers to gloves with the seams closer to the working area with seams on the back along every finger and the thumb and a one piece palm with no seam at the base of the finger.  This pattern  provides a comfortable fit with greater ease of movement.

Wholesale Garden Glove Cuffs

Band Top cuffs are typically manufactured with the same material as the glove itself, such as canvas or vinyl laminate for gardening gloves. Band tops offer the same level of protection for the wrist and are open for easy slip-on and off.

Safety cuffs provide a higher degree of wrist and arm protection with large 2 " cuffs. Safety cuffs are manufactured from a variety of materials and include: rubberized, plasticized, starched, denim, leather, and canvas cuffs.

Knit Wrist cuffs provide a snug fit to prevent debris or liquids from getting inside the glove.

Wholesale Garden Glove Thumb Types

Keystone thumb is a type of thumb manufactured to conform to the natural position of the thumb for superior movement and comfort.

Wing thumb is manufactured with the thumb angled diagonally across the palm to improve comfort and natural movement.

Wholesale Garden Glove Materials

Cotton Jersey is a soft knitted elastic cotton that offers warmth and comfort. The cotton jersey gardening glove also provides protection and is the most economical garden glove. This wholesale garden glove is available in a variety of colors and patterns with the firm grip glove option of PVC dots on the palm, index & thumb.

Vinyl Laminated garden gloves keeps hands dry in wet conditions and offer protection from liquids & chemicals. The vinyl coating also helps resist cuts, abrasions, and punctures. Available in a variety of colors and patterns the vinyl laminated glove is also a firm grip gardening glove.

Cotton Canvas offers a much higher degree of protection for many garden applications. Also available in assorted patterns & colors the cotton canvs garden glove is also manufactured with the option of firm grip PVC dots on the palm, index finger, & thumb.

For maximum abrasion, puncture, and cut resistance the leather and leather palm garden gloves are manufactured with side split cowhide leather for heavy duty garden applications. Cowhide leather also offers the greatest durability in a gardening glove.

Assorted Solid Color Cotton Jersey Gardening Gloves

clute pattern, matching knit wrist

assorted sold colors - gardening gloves
assorted solid colors with matching mini Firm Grip PVC dots on palm, index, & thumb - gardening gloves

Ladies Assorted Floral Cotton Jersey Gardening Gloves

clute pattern, matching knit wrist

Ladies Assorted Floral Cotton Jersey With PVC dots Gardening Gloves

clute pattern, matching knit wrist

mini Firm Grip PVC dots on palm, index finger and thumb

Ladies Assorted Floral Print Cotton Canvas Gardening Gloves

Elastic Back, Wing Thumb, Clute Pattern

Knit wrist gardening gloves
band top gardening gloves

Ladies Cotton Canvas with PVC dots Gardening Gloves

wing thumb, reinforced fingertips, clute pattern

assorted colors with Firm Grip PVC dots on palm, index finger & thumb, matching color knit wrist

Ladies Leather Palm Gardening Gloves With Band Top

Wing thumb, Clute pattern, External elastic strap

Blue premium side split leather palm & fingertips, Assorted floral print back & band top

Premium Select Shoulder Leather Palm Gardening Gloves

Knuckle strap, Gunn pattern, 2 1/2 inch rubberized safety cuff

assorted color canvas back

Ladies Suede Cowhide Drivers Gardening Gloves

Keystone Thumb, clute Pattern

Assorted color side split leather

Ladies Assorted Pastel Vinyl Laminated Gardening Gloves

Clute pattern, external elastic strap, Band top

Ladies Floral Vinyl Laminated Gardening Gloves

clute pattern, external elastic strap, band top

Kid's Gray Jersey Gardening Gloves

Clute pattern, Youth size

assorted color knit wrist
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