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Heat Resistant, Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar is perhaps the most widely used high performance material for industrial applications, which makes cut-resistant, heat-resistant Kevlar gloves and Kevlar sleeves ideal for tough work environments.

Kevlar gloves are known for their high tensile strength relative to its light weight, and they offer superior protection for many applications from manufacturing to food processing and glass handling.

While Kevlar glove fibers can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the practical heat resistance of a particular glove is influenced by the thickness and insulating characteristics of that glove. For example, if the fabric is too thin, the heat will travel through the glove while the Kevlar fiber remains intact.

Choosing the right hand and arm protection for a particular application involves evaluating the trade-off between the heat-resistance and cut-protection needed for the task, in light of the dexterity, gripping properties, durability, and comfort desired in the glove or arm guard.

United Glove has over 200 knitting machines at it’s facility in Newton, NC with manufacturing flexibility to get you the right glove or arm sleeve for your task.

Please note that Kevlar gloves are cut-resistant, not cut-proof. It is not recommended for use around machine-powered or serrated blades.

Kevlar gloves are also heat-resistant, not heat-proof, meaning the fiber can withstand temperatures up 800 degrees F. When the fiber degrades, Kevlar will not melt and adhere to the skin. However its insulating properties are no more effective than other less expensive insulating materials.

Without additional enhancements, knitted and woven fabrics made from Kevlar fiber are no more puncture-resistant than other knitted or woven fabrics. Suitability for a particular task requires application-specific testing. United Glove makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding fitness of a particular item for a specific task.


String Knit Seamless Kevlar Gloves

Seamless knit Kevlar gloves are popular choices for assembly and warehousing applications. These gloves provide the dexterity needed for handling small parts and hand-held utility knives. The lighter weight styles can also be used as glove liners to be worn under other protective apparel to make them more cut-resistant and heat-resistant.

They are comfortable and ambidextrous - can be worn on either hand - providing double the wear. They are available in a variety of weights providing various degrees of comfort and protection. Also many styles are available with firm grip enhancing plastisol dots.

If the volume warrants, United Glove welcomes the opportunity to customize string knit gloves and develop customized grip patterns and/or logo’s to address your specific heat-resistant, cut-resistant Kevlar glove needs.

GA13-317: Lightweight, tightly knit Kevlar gloves or liners
GA13-322: Medium weight, tightly knit Kevlar gloves
GA13-322PD: Medium weight Kevlar gloves with grip-enhancing dots

GA326: Industrial Weight, Knit Kevlar Gloves
CGA326: Kevlar exterior with cotton lining
GAN326: Kevlar exterior with nylon lining
For grip-enhancing dots add "PD" to the style number

GA326FL: Fingerless, Industrial Weight knit Kevlar gloves
GA326FLPD: Fingerless Kevlar gloves with grip-enhancing dots

Terry Cloth Kevlar Gloves:  Machine Knit Seamless, Fully Reversible

The pile loop construction of terry cloth knitting provides enhanced cut-protection, heat-resistance, and abrasion resistance. The seamless construction provides comfort and dexterity. The fully reversible patterns provide increased longevity because these Kevlar gloves can be worn on either hand.

Subject to volume requirements, United Glove welcomes the opportunity to customize terry cloth gloves to your specific needs. A variety of materials, sizes, and cuff styles - including extending cuffs, 100% Kevlar cuffs, knit band tops (2 1/2” open cuff), knit gauntlets (4 1/2 inch), and glove sleeve combinations are available.

See our terry cloth and Kevlar sleeve pages for some examples of these options.

GA3504: 100% Kevlar, 24 oz machine-knit, loop out, cotton knit wrist

UG3054: Kevlar/Cotton Blend, Brown & Yellow, 24 oz machine-knit terry, loop out, cotton knit wrist

UG3054KLI: Kevlar/Cotton Blend, Brown & Yellow, 24 oz machine-knit terry, loop in, continuous knit cuff


Kevlar Sleeves - Made to Order - Any Length

Kevlar offers the same protection and benefits for arm protection as it does for gloves. United Glove makes a variety of sleeve styles that can be made from a variety of materials, including cut-resistant Kevlar. Some common configurations are listed below.

GASL-14: 14", double folded Kevlar sleeve, 3" width
GASL-14T: 14", double folded, Kevlar exterior, Cotton interior sleeve with thumb slot, 3" width
GASL-18: 18", double folded Kevlar sleeve, 3" width
GASL-18T: 18", double folded Kevlar sleeve with thumb slot, 3" width
GASL-22: 22", double folded Kevlar sleeve, 3" width
GASL-24: 24", double folded Kevlar sleeve, 3" width

All Kevlar Sleeves can be made with or without thumb holes.

Cut and Sewn Kevlar Gloves

These cut and sewn Kevlar gloves provide strength at high temperatures.  Available in Kevlar Canvas, Flame Retardant Back, Kevlar Back and Double Kevlar for every type of high heat environment. These heat resistant Kevlar gloves are ideal for applications in welding, molten metal, and foundries.

Kevlar® Canvas with knit wrist

Kevlar® Hot Mill, green flame retardant back and bandtop

Kevlar® Hot Mill, Kevlar back, flame retardant bandtop

All double Kevlar® Hot Mill, cotton lining, guantlet cuff
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