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Natural Rubber, Foam-Lined PVC & Neoprene Industrial Gloves

United Glove offers a complete selection of supported gloves featuring a liner that is coated for increased cut, abrasion, puncture, heat and chemical resistance. In addition, the glove coating improves handling for dry, wet, and oily materials. These gloves include natural rubber coated gloves, foam-lined PVC coated gloves, and neoprene industrial gloves. In addition, United Glove offers supported work gloves coated in PVC, nitrile, and vinyl.

Chemical Resistant Industrial Natural Rubber Gloves

For supreme protection from chemicals and dependable insulation from heat and cold, natural industrial rubber gloves are available in heavy and standard weights and premium grade rubber. Manufactured with a latex crinkle finish for extra gripping power, you have your choice of 2 1/2" starched, plasticized, heavy canvas or knit wrist cuffs.

Natural Rubber Coated Gloves, Crinkle Finish

jersey lined

Standard weight rubber, 2 1/2" starched safety cuff
heavy weight rubber, 2 1/2" rubberized safety cuff
Premium grade rubber, 2 1/2" heavy canvas cuff


Natural Rubber Coated Gloves, Crinkle Finish

jersey lined, knit wrist

Standard weight rubber
heavy weight rubber
Premium grade rubber


Neoprene Industrial Gloves

The next level of protection is the Neoprene Industrial Glove available in premium multi-dipped smooth finish or rough finish, fully coated glove. Neoprene may be seen in many items, including wet suits, fan belts, footwear, insulation and gloves. Neoprene industrial gloves are manufactured in a variety of cuff selections including the 2 1/2" plasticized safety cuff, a brushed interlock lined knit wrist cuff or a 12-inch or 14-inch gauntlet cuff to protect you and your clothing from any splash back.

Smooth Finish Neoprene Industrial Gloves

premium multi-dipped neoprene, Jersey Lined

2 1/2" plasticized safety cuff
brushed interlock lined, knit wrist
12" gauntlet
14" gauntlet


Rough Finish Neoprene Industrial Gloves

premium multi-dipped neoprene, Jersey Lined

12" gauntlet
14" gauntlet


Foam-Insulated PVC Coated Gloves

The PVC fully coated, foam lined glove in fluorescent orange color provides excellent protection, as well as four layers of insulation from heat and cold.

Layer 1: PVC Coating

The first layer of protection is Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC. PVC is an excellent plastic compound found on many gloves to guard against penetration by liquids and chemicals. PVC also enhances the grip but is still quite pliable for most industrial work glove applications.

Layer 2: Interlock Cotton

The cotton layer binds the PVC coating and foam layer for your first degree of insulation while adding comfort and pliability.

Layer 3: Foam Insulation

The thick layer of foam creates an insulating layer of air to protect from temperture extremes. In addition, the foam layer makes an excellent shock absorber.

Layer 4: Cotton fleeced Jersey

The final layer of Cotton Fleeced Jersey offers a soft and pliable space for your hands to remain. It also adds a small level of heat absorption and a final wall against invading chemicals.

Whether you’re looking for chemical resistant neoprene industrial gloves, natural rubber gloves, other high quality work gloves or safety equipment, United Glove Company offers a wide selection of established wholesale glove inventory, as well as new and emerging products. And for your unique and special needs contact United Glove for customized protection as well.

Smooth Finish, Foam-Insulated PVC Coated Gloves

fluorescent orange, Knit Wrist

Flourescent Orange, Knit Wrist
flourescent orange, 2 1/2" rubberized Safety Cuff
flourescent orange, 12" gauntlet
flourescent orange, 14" gauntlet
tan color, 2 1/2" rubberized safety cuff
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