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Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves

PolyVinyl Chloride or PVC coated gloves are manufactured using a plastic known for it's low cost and durability, which is why it is often used in construction as a building material. Ideal for pipe plumbing, vinyl siding and conduit fixtures, you will also find this reliable and flexible material in clothing, electrical cables and upholstery. 

Given these characteristics, PVC coated gloves are not only waterproof, but also provide excellent durability and resistance when working with grease, oil and chemicals. These gloves are used in vast array of applications including, automotive part assembly, mining, construction, and the petro-chemical industry. United Glove offers a line of wholesale PVC coated gloves ranging from thin and malleable to thick and sturdy.

When selecting the right PVC coated glove for your work environment, besides size and color, there are 3 major distinctions to consider.  In your evaluation, choose the right finish, wrist or cuff, and lining that best fits your application.

Glove Finish

United Glove offers the PVC coated glove in the smooth, semi-rough, rough, and sandpaper finish.  This is probably the most critical factor in selecting a glove.  The smooth and semi-rough finishes provide single dipped protection.  These gloves are flexible and good for handling slick, abrasive materials.  Liquids roll off the smooth finish, while the semi-rough finish offers enhanced wet gripping and improved cut resistance. The rough and sandpaper finishes are double dipped and offer better wet and dry gripping and extra protection from chemicals.

Glove Cuff

The PVC coated glove is available with a knit wrist or gauntlet cuff.  The knit wrist is very effective in keeping dirt and debris from falling into the glove. The gauntlet cuff is available in a 10, 12, 14, and 18 inch cuff.  The gauntlet is essential when looking for additional arm protection from liquid or chemical splashes.

Glove Lining

United Glove offers a jersey and interlock knit lining in the PVC coated glove. The interlock lining gives the gloves added strength for resistance to cuts, punctures and tears and absorbs perspiration.  The interlock lining also increases flexibility and ease of laundering, while the jersey lining adds comfort and a moderate amount of warmth insulation.

So, when dealing with chemicals, car parts, oils or even mining, PVC coated gloves are an excellent choice. United Glove’s line of PVC gloves is sure to meet your protection needs. For extra heat and cold protection check out United Glove's foam-insulated PVC coated gloves.

Smooth Finish, PVC Coated Gloves

Black, Interlock Lined with Knit Wrist

Men's & Ladies fully pVC Coated Glove

black, interlock lined with Gauntlet Cuff

10" gauntlet
12" gauntlet
14" gauntlet
18" gauntlet

yellow, interlock lined With Gauntlet Cuff

knit Wrist, Interlock or Jersey Lined
12" Gauntlet, Interlock Or Jersey Lined
14" gauntlet, Interlock or jersey Lined


Semi-Rough Finish, PVC Coated Gloves

Black, Interlock Lined With Gauntlet Cuff

12" gauntlet
14" gauntlet


Rough Finish, PVC Coated Gloves

Black, Jersey Lined With Knit Wrist

jersey lined
interlock lined

Black, Jersey Lined with gauntlet Cuff

10" gauntlet, Jersey lined
12" gauntlet, Jersey Lined
14" gauntlet, jersey lined
18" gauntlet, jersey lined
12" gauntlet, interlock lined
14" gauntlet, interlock lined


Sandpaper Finish, PVC Coated Gloves

Black, Jersey Lined with gauntlet cuff

Knit wrist, Jersey Lined
10" gauntlet, Jersey Lined
12" gauntlet, Jersey Lined
14" gauntlet, Jersey Lined
18" gauntlet, Jersey Lined
10" gauntlet, interlock lined
12" gauntlet, interlock lined
14" gauntlet, interlock lined

Dark green, Jersey Lined with Gauntlet Cuff

Knit Wrist
12" Gauntlet
14" gauntlet


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