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Wholesale Coated Gloves

United Glove offers a complete line of wholesale supported gloves for a broad range of resistance and enhanced gripping including nitrile, vinyl, PVC, neoprene, and rubber.

Supported gloves are made of a liner that is coated for increased cut, abrasion, puncture, heat and chemical resistance. In addition, the glove coating improves handling for dry, wet, and oily materials.

Coated in PVC, nitrile, rubber, neoprene and vinyl, the liner adds comfort and increased dexterity for a variety of applications including:

  • manufacturing

  • electronics assembly

  • commercial fishing

  • packaging

  • fuel oil delivery

  • fuel handlers

  • construction

  • food service

  • cleaning

  • agricultural

  • food preparation

  • commercial cooking

  • janitorial

  • laboratory

  • industry

  • food and meat processing

  • maintenance

  • automotive

  • dairy

  • sanitation

  • farm

  • veterinary

Featuring a variety of weights for dexterity and maximum safety, United Glove manufactures supported safety work gloves in many different work glove styles and user preferences.  Choose from slip on, gauntlet cuffs, knit wrists, jersey lined and insulated gloves in smooth, crinkle, semi-rough, rough, and sandpaper finishes.

Chemical Resistant PVC Coated Gloves

PVC coated gloves are the most economical abrasion and chemical resistant gloves.  Fully coated, the waterproof PVC glove is excellent when working with chemicals, oil, or grease and are available in a variety of finishes for a strong, dry grip without sacrificing flexibility. 

United Glove offers smooth, semi-rough, rough and sandpaper finishes, and the gloves are available interlock lined or jersey lined.  Or choose our fluorescent orange foam lined glove with safety cuff (see Insulated PVC Gloves below).  Choose from yellow, dark green and black colors with a knit wrist or gauntlet cuff in a variety of sizes.

Yellow PVC Fully Coated, Smooth Finish, Interlock Lined
(shown above)


Nitrile Work Gloves

Nitrile is a copolymer of Butadiene and Acrylonirile making them exceptionally resistant to petroleum-based oils and fuels.  In addition, nitrile work gloves offer excellent puncture, heat and abrasion resistance and are frequently used to handle small oily parts in auto part assembly and metalworking.

Available in light and heavyweight, choose from a variety of styles, including driver, cut and sewn and the popular blue nitrile gloves. United Glove also offers interlock and jersey lined gloves with plasticized safety cuff or knit wrist. Nitrile gloves are extremely durable and comfortable.

Heavy Weight Blue Nitrile, Rough Finish, Jersey Lined
(shown above)


Vinyl Gloves

United Glove is a premium distributor of vinyl gloves wholesale for general use, janitorial, maintenance, food service, security, packaging, laboratory, painting and a wide range of applications. Featuring men's and ladies vinyl impregnated, vinyl laminated and textured vinyl coated gloves, to ensure the ideal grip for any job. Choose from interlock, knit, jersey or cotton lined for comfort and yellow, blue and rust colors. 

Rust Vinyl Impregnated, Slip On Style, Stretch Fabric, Cotton Lined
(shown above)


PVC Insulated, Rubber, & Neoprene Industrial Gloves

For protection from chemicals and reliable insulation from heat and cold, United Glove offers natural rubber gloves, neoprene gloves and foam-insulated PVC gloves.

Natural rubber gloves are economical and popular for their grip and handling, as well as, their excellent cut, snag, abrasion and puncture resistance.  United Glove offers the natural rubber coated glove with a crinkle finish and jersey lining in standard, heavy and premium grades with a knit wrist, canvas or safety cuff.

Neoprene is synthetic rubber with similar properties without the increased possibility of an allergic reaction found with natural rubber. The neoprene industrial glove is very flexible, lightweight and offers excellent chemical resistance for acids, caustics, solvents, oils, and greases. Interlock or jersey lined, this glove is available in a plasticized safety cuff, knit wrist or gauntlet. Neoprene is also flame retardant and resists degradation over time.

The foam insulated PVC coated glove (available in fluorescent orange or tan) offers 4-layer protection featuring a PVC coating, interlock cotton, foam insulation and cotton fleeced jersey.  Excellent chemical, cut, and puncture resistance this glove is ideal in hot and cold work environments. Choose the knit wrist or gauntlet or rubberized safety cuff for additional splash back protection.

Premium Multi-dipped Black Neoprene Glove, Smooth Finish
(shown above)


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