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Coated, Laminated, & Impregnated Vinyl Gloves

United Glove is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of vinyl gloves, offering an economical solution for applications requiring a supported glove.  Ideal for users who may be allergic to natural rubber or latex, these gloves are comfortable, flexible and abrasion resistant.  This synthetic glove also provides an effective barrier to oil, grease, and a variety of solvents and toxic chemicals.

Vinyl gloves are available in a variety of styles, finishes, linings and sizes, and they are frequently used in janitorial, pharmaceutical, maintenance, and petro-chemical industry applications. Vinyl gloves also provide an effective barrier against bacteria, viruses and germs and are well suited for the food services industry, as well as, protection in the cleaning industry.

Rust Vinyl Impregnated Gloves

The rust vinyl impregnated glove is manufactured in a clute pattern and the slip-on style is excellent for packaging, shipping, and receiving. Available in men's and ladies sizes, these gloves are cotton lined and are also manufactured with a double palm.

slip on style, stretch fabric, cotton lined, color coded hem.

Rust Vinyl Impregnated. Men's Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
rust vinyl impregnated. Ladies' Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
rust double palm vinyl impregnated. Size: Men's
rust double palm vinyl impregnated. Size: ladies'


Blue or Yellow Vinyl Laminated Gloves

Laminated and impregnated vinyl gloves are cut and sewn after the fabric has been treated with the synthetic polymer.  These gloves offer milder abrasion resistance, but greater flexibility. Vinyl is breathable, but still minimizes the absorption of water, oil and grease, and provides a better grip for handling materials.

Clute Pattern, 2 1/2" band top

Size: Men's
Size: ladies'


Vinyl Coated Gloves

Vinyl coated gloves are an excellent value combining abrasion resistance and flexibility with a textured finish for enhanced gripping at a low cost. These general purpose chemical resistant gloves are durable and provide an effective barrier when working with solvents, acids, caustics, grease, oils, and acids.

textured finish, Seamless, Slip-on style.

Interlock lined, Sizes: Small, Large
seamless knit lined, Sizes: Small, Large


Textured Finish, Seams Out, Slip-On Style

Jersey Lined, Sizes: small, large


Yellow Vinyl Impregnated

The vinyl impregnated glove is manufactured using a stretch fabric and non-stretch fabric.  These slip-on style gloves are woven cotton lined and are available in yellow and with a green palm and yellow back.

Yellow Vinyl Impregnated, Slip-On Style, Cotton Lined.

Non-Stretch Fabric, Vinyl Laminated
stretch Fabric, Green Palm, Yellow Back, Vinyl Laminated


Canvas with Vinyl Impregnated Palm

Featuring the durability and abrasion resistance of canvas on the back, these gloves offer the chemical resistance and enhanced gripping of vinyl on the palm and index finger. The knit wrist also provides a snug fit and extra protection from splashes and debris falling into the glove at the cuff.

Yellow Vinyl Impregnated Palm & Index Finger

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